Pledge to Shop978!

Want to help Greater Lowell’s small businesses after a trying year?

Take the #Shop978 Pledge!

Pledge to shop and eat (dine-in or take-out) local once a week for 3 months to help save Greater Lowell’s small businesses!

Already ordering one meal a week and shopping at local retailers?

Commit to an extra night of take-out, grab a cup of coffee while running errands, or purchase a gift card to your favorite local shop! There are so many ways to #Shop978!

Please keep us posted on all of your yummy meals and amazing purchases by joining the #Shop978 Facebook page! And use hashtag #Shop978 each time you shop and eat local.

* When you take the #Shop978 Pledge you’ll be entered to win gift cards to local businesses and have access to exclusive deals and giveaways! *

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